New Project

In general, I don’t handle change well. If you know me at all (which you probably do, because I doubt anyone else is reading this blog at this point), you know that. I’m about to go through a number of changes, but I’m actually really excited about them. (They’re also going to happen over a period of several weeks, so that’s helpful.) Basically, I’m about to leave my awful job in retail, try to focus really seriously on writing, move out of my grandma’s condo in central Ohio where I’ve been living for the past year, move into a new apartment two hours away with my awesome boyfriend, and find a new job that will let me make money I can live on while I continue to write.

I’ve been creating stories in my head (and usually writing them down) for about as long as I can remember, and I started taking seriously the idea of writing as a profession when I was in college. There have been a few bumps and stall-outs along the way (going to grad school for translation and then changing my mind; working a job that was so emotionally draining I didn’t have much capacity for anything else but otherwise couldn’t support myself financially), but it’s still what I want to do. For the last few weeks I’ve actually been getting paid to write articles for the blogs of a couple of businesses in Texas (set up by a high school friend who now lives in Austin), and at first I was doing it solely for the money and kind of hated the work, but now that I’ve been doing it for a while, it’s getting a little easier (almost enjoyable, in fact), and as my boyfriend keeps reminding me, getting paid to write something that I don’t love is one step closer to getting paid to write something that I do love.

The blog-writing experience has me convinced that I need to be doing more and more and more writing — working on the novels and children’s books that are my major goal, but writing other things as well, just to develop/let me play with my voice and develop the “muscle” (so to speak) that generates output quickly, rather than doing my instinctual write-a-few-lines-and-then-stare-off-into-space-for-twenty-minutes thing. (And to be honest, I keep hearing Aaron Burr and Eliza Hamilton singing “How do you write like you’re running out of time?” in the back of my head somewhere, and I totally aspire to be Alexander Hamilton minus the sad ending.) I do keep a personal journal, but my motivation to write in it waxes and wanes, waxes and wanes, and for the last eight months or so I haven’t written much there. I’m willing to let that keep cycling, but I want to get myself into a good routine with other writing projects. (I definitely am the most productive if I can find at least a loose routine and stick to it.) So now I have a blog! I’m going to post on Tuesdays and Fridays, most of the time. If life gets too crazy and I delay or miss a post, I won’t sweat it, but that’s what I’m generally going to stick to. (I’m actually going to be out of town doing lots of fun things for the next two Fridays, but I really don’t want to blow my routine before it’s even a routine, so the jury’s still out on how I’m going to handle that…)

As for what I’ll be writing about, it’s going to be whatever is on my mind or happening in my world at the moment. I have a lot of great friends with whom I go adventuring on a regular basis, so I’m sure our exploits will be featured frequently. I love stories and I’m always reading at least one book and watching at least one TV show at any given time, so I’ll probably review or muse about those things. I’m also really interested in (and concerned by) the state of the world right now, with regard to politics, race relations, the cycle of poverty, etc., and I’m not shy about giving my opinions, but I’m also open to polite, productive debate in the comments. Maybe eventually I’ll feel like specifically heading in a particular direction and make this a literature blog or a nerd culture blog or something, but for now, I’m keeping my options open.

If you’ve read this far, I sincerely appreciate it. I’m going to try to always link my blog posts to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and of course they’ll be right here at this URL, so if you want to follow my writing or just check in occasionally, I’ll definitely appreciate that too. Comments are always welcome (as long as they’re respectful, of course). I’m working on getting some fun header images, so the blog won’t look as bare as it does right now. But all in all, I’m pretty excited about this new project. I hope you’ll join me on my journey!


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