This is going to be a quick blog post this morning, because it won’t be very long till my boyfriend, Jeremy, and a couple of our friends arrive to pick me up. We’re going to MatsuriCon for the weekend, a big anime convention that happens every year in Columbus.

I actually thought about skipping a post altogether today, even though this week’s Tuesday post turned into a Wednesday post. But then I got to thinking about how disappointed Jeremy would be if I skipped writing today, and I decided I couldn’t let that happen.

I’m lucky enough to have really great friends and family who always support the various projects I get involved in or start for myself and encourage my desire to be a writer. But everyone I know is busy with their own lives and their own projects, and they don’t ask me how my things are going on a frequent basis, or frequently remind me not to give up if there’s not a particular reason I need that reminder, and I don’t expect them to say those things to me.

But Jeremy says those things all the time. “Are you going to post on your blog today?” “Did you work on your story this week?” “Keep up the hard work on your writing. I’m proud of you.” I’ve never had someone who purposely takes time out of their own activities and responsibilities almost every day to actively encourage me to follow my dreams, someone who has my success on the brain as just as much as their own success. It’s really nice. And I try to return the favor as much as I can, because I want Jeremy to achieve his goals as much as he wants me to achieve mine. My happiness makes him happy, and his happiness makes me happy, and that’s pretty much the very best thing.

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