Sandy’s Wedding

Okay, time to brush the cobwebs off this old blog…I didn’t mean to let three weeks go by without a single post. Life just got in the way – week one was spent packing and taking loads of stuff from my grandma’s tiny condo to my parents’ much larger house, week two was spent unpacking and organizing the new apartment before having company before going out of town (more on that in a moment), and week three was spent furiously writing — I took on four new blogging clients plus some marketing work which is awesome, but my deadline for the blogs got changed from the end of the month to the fifteenth. Now it’s time to get back on track with this project. I really need to make myself stick to things!

Anyways, Jeremy and I spent the first full weekend after moving into our new place out of town, because our friends Sarah and Andy (“Sandy,” because we’re all dorky like that) got married! On Friday night, Jeremy picked up our friends Robert, Dani, and LaMar and brought them down to our place, and then in the morning we all packed up (five adults in a Hyundai Elantra!) and drove to Indiana for the wedding.

It was a beautiful October day, sunny but a little chilly. The venue for the wedding and reception was this amazing brick building with empty windows — the shell of the former Starr Piano Factory and Gennett Recording Studio, a hub of jazz, country, and gospel music in the 1920s and ’30s. People like Duke Ellington, Lawrence Welk, and Gene Autry all made recordings there at one time or another. Today it’s an open, public space (owned by the city, I presume), and it was such a cool place to have a wedding. Andy and Sarah dressed up the space with Christmas lights and blue and silver ribbon. All the tables had Doctor Who Pop figures and other Whovian collectibles. As a nod to Harry Potter, the cupcakes were butterbeer flavored and amazingly delicious! And because Sarah and Andy live in Indiana and love Parks & Rec, dinner was all breakfast food. (They also walked up the aisle as a newly married couple to the Parks & Rec theme song — I kept my tears at bay until that point!)

Sarah and Andy are part of my Thursday Night Dinner family. It has just now occurred to me that I haven’t really discussed TND on this blog at all, but for now, just trust me when I say that TND people are among the greatest in the world. As usual, TND danced harder than anyone else at the reception, and we all had took turns pushing Sarah’s sister Heather, who has Down syndrome, in her wheelchair, and it was really fun. Heather wanted to keep moving and spinning all night!

Sarah and Andy actually haven’t known each other two full years yet, which probably sounds crazy to some people. I certainly like to take my time and plan things, and I’ve always said I probably would never get married unless I had been dating the person for at least three years, but that “probably” is because there are people like Sarah and Andy out there in the world, who know almost immediately that they’ve found their person. When they had their first date, Sarah was just a few months away from moving to Texas, which she did, but we all knew it wouldn’t stick, because she and Andy would miss each other too much. Andy spoke in his vows about how they had tried to fit in an entire relationship “before Columbus Day” last fall. After that they visited each other every few weeks for eight or nine months, when Sarah left Texas for Indiana — and Andy proposed at the airport!

Like their relationship, the wedding came together really quickly too, in about three months, and it was perfect. Everything was simple and beautiful and quirky and fun, and I was so happy to be there with so many of my best friends.

Sarah and her bridesmaids, Devin, Beth Anne, and Heather (photo credit: Kayla H.)
TND (minus Cassie and Kayla M.) (photo credit: Kayla H.)

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