Life Is Weird

There have been some ups and downs lately…mostly ups, honestly, but the downs have been the kind of downs that make you feel like you’re never going to get up again, and a lot of them have been coming from inside my own head, which I hate.

Halloween was weird this year…usually, we all get dressed up at Thursday Night Dinner and then go out to a bar in Kent and have a great time. This year, I worked really hard on making a unicorn costume for myself (I bought a hoodie and sweatpants and then made all the other pieces and sewed them on), and I was really excited because it turned out almost exactly how I wanted it to. Nobody had said anything about what we were doing for TND Halloween, so I asked on Facebook, and I got almost no response. I assumed that meant we were doing the usual, but on the way to TND I started freaking out and thinking that nobody was going to want to do anything and I was going to be the only one dressed up and my friends were all going to think my awesome costume was stupid…and even though I KNEW that last one wasn’t true, I couldn’t stop thinking it. I was so anxious and upset, and I couldn’t turn it off, which is a thing that’s been happening more and more frequently over the past couple of years.

We had a small group for TND. Beanie dressed as Hodor from Game of Thrones, and he looked great. Marisa dressed up, but she couldn’t come out with us because she’s not 21 yet. Kayla and Jeremy did put costumes together, but they were just in regular clothes. April was bummed that she’s not pregnant enough to do a cool pregnancy costume but she’s too pregnant to fit into anything she had from the past, so she didn’t dress up, and Jjay was just lazy. We went to the bar, and had some low-key fun. The boys played pool, Kayla showed me how to use SnapChat filters for about the tenth time (I can never remember!), and I had my favorite hard cider. I still felt kind of self-conscious since only Beanie and I looked like we were wearing costumes, but I was able to mostly ignore it and have fun.


We left the bar around midnight and walked back to our cars, which were only about half a block away. I first realized something was amiss when I saw that the passenger door to my car was unlocked. See, we had gone in my car, but Jeremy had driven, and for the first time, he used his own key to my car (now that we’re living together, we’ve given each other our extra car keys) rather than the one that lives on my key ring. When we were getting out of the car, we had been talking to Beanie and trying to figure out where April and Jjay’s car was, and I assumed Jeremy had just forgotten to lock the car, and I hadn’t thought to check since I hadn’t been driving. (Jeremy remembered the next day that he had actually put the keys in his pocket out of habit and pushed the button on the remote that locks his car. My car is too old to have a remote. So he did attempt to lock the car; it was just a bad combination of using his own key for my car for the first time plus being distracted by other people.) The moment I opened the door, I saw that my iPod was gone. After three-plus years of living in Kent/spending lots of time there, I’ve never once had reason to worry about it disappearing, so I just got used to leaving it tucked in the space under my radio. And at least my radio was still there…I can’t believe they didn’t take that too. When we got home, I discovered that a plastic bag containing one of my favorite shirts and a whole bunch of makeup had also been stolen from my back seat. (They left the bag with the dirty bread pan, two little Ziploc containers, and a bottle of vanilla extract.)

I was so upset. Honestly, the iPod was seven years old and probably had more sentimental value than actual value (it got me through an emotional studying abroad experience and had a sticker from the House of Blues on the back of it), and the shirt and makeup were not all that expensive individually (probably close to $100 combined, though). But I was so mad at the assholes in the world who think it’s okay to take things that aren’t theirs. Yeah, it wasn’t good that the car got left unlocked, but THAT STILL DOESN’T MAKE IT OKAY TO STEAL THINGS! I felt so sad and pathetic. I just wanted to call my sister and have her tell me good things about unicorns. I cried off and on for at least an hour, and Jeremy was so sweet. He felt terrible, even after I said I wasn’t mad at him and it wasn’t his fault, and he sat up with me till I fell asleep, even though he had to get up early for work in the morning.

The next morning, he had ordered me a new iPod by the time I woke up. I called my mom and cried to her, and then I cried to Jeremy some more, and then I took a shower and felt much better. I drove back to Kent to make a police report, but I decided to first go back over to where we had parked and look around just in case the thief had dropped or tossed anything — my mom and sister have both had their wallets stolen in the past, and both times they were found in nearby trashcans. I checked the trashcan at the end of the block and found nothing but a bunch of wet, sludgy leaves. We had parked right in front of a train car that’s used by a local restaurant for special events, and I decided to look under and around that area…and when I walked around the behind the car, there was an iPod sitting in the grass!! And it was mine!! It was a little damp on the surface, the battery was almost dead, and the sticker on the back was slightly damaged, but it worked just fine when I plugged into my radio.

I still went over to the police station to file a report. I don’t expect to get my other stuff back, but I figure whatever asshole opened my car goes around and tries to do it to other vehicles downtown, and I sure hope they get caught. I went and bought another blue lipstick for my unicorn costume (the last one!), and that night Jeremy and I went to our friend Wanda’s Halloween party and had a good time.

So that was Halloween this year. I’ve also been super stressed about the World Series — I’m a Cubs fan living in the middle of Indians country. Even Jeremy is an Indians fan, although he’s pretty low-key about it, which is good. After their great performance on Sunday night and their great performance when Arietta started for them last week, I’m looking forward to tonight’s game, when Arietta will pitch again. But I’m still nervous.

And it’s November first, which means Jeremy and I have been living together in our awesome apartment for a month! And that also means it’s the first day of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which I guess I’m doing this year. I woke up this morning intending to pound out at least 350 words, and I ended up with 1,761, which is more than the NaNo daily goal. We’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

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